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This blog is going to become inactive soon

A new blog will be made for Jack and Violet

Age Acceleration and Fun Times Ahead.

Until then, carry on.

Shut Up Again, Eric


This is for the record..

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Can I touch your hat then?

-grabs hat and stuffs it up the back of his shirt- NO! -Judging You Face-

((So I see I’m at 289…))

((If I get 300…I’ll do a Q and A youtube vid…or something like that….yeah))

YOUr WoRST NIGHTmARE heeeheeheheee now let me touch your booty

No…no I think I’ve had worse nightmares…trust me! And no…my butt is not for touching! -sits in a chair- No.

Ah, sounds lovely. Is there anything you need? I would be more than happy to help with the child. *She grins*

-He holds Violet up and smiles- Yes there is something actually…say hello to your niece!!!


…annnnnnnd who might you be?

Boring Times



“Well we are a Family, Rok. Its what we do for each other! Think of it as family to us is definitely more than blood. We teach each other along the way too. For example, the wife has been helping me with my pyromaniac tendancies and Jae has been teaching me more Illusion and Alteration magic. Seriously, we’re brothers, so whatever help you need, don’t hesitate to ask!”

Artemis snatched the treat held up for him and gobbled it down. “Artemis Black-River! Careful with those or you’ll get sick eating them that fast,” scolded the jester playfully, “Well don’t worry Rok, your treat-eating habits are safe with me…and that bloody crow…eheheheheeee!”


“Heh, if its fire you like, Nergui would probably be overjoyed to torch something with someone.” Rok snorted.

“So, I’m going to ask for help with knives. I just. Really need to learn how to use one. Perhaps tying it to my hand would work? But that won’t do…” Rok leaned back against the wall of the Bannered Mare, growling to himself.

In an effort to pacify his thoughts, Rok took another treat out and broke it in half, offering a piece to the crow.

"Oh I know Nergui and his little fire-fun-times! We burned a village up once! Great times it was really! Man, we set so much on fire…ahhhh good times. Gooood times!"

Jack watched Rok get frustrated and pondered for a moment. Snapping his fingers when a good thought came to him, he reached behind him and held up a regular steel dagger. “Here. Hold this for me.” Artemis took the treat and began to make a move for the dagger before Jack held a finger up. “Not you, silly! I meant Rok!”

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